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Potions, Victuals & Sundries For A Happy Life

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Tea Steeped In History... Let The Flavor Lift You Higher

We make brews like our family used to make... big flavored herbs & spices, pieces of fruit, bark.. medicine directly from nature to balance your mind, body and spirit.


We recommend that you grab a pot for your stovetop and steep your brew low and slow, coaxing the flavors to come out and play with your palette and awaken your senses.


Choose your favorite tea mug or bowl, add some sweetener or not, and then pour some happy into your day. Sit, pause, reflect.. yes, the flavor really is so good. And since we have your attention, take a moment to learn about the lineage of each of our blends. Some are steeped in history, some are stories of love, some will make you smile. And, it is our hope that our teas will inspire you to create stories of your own. 

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Browse On Below:


Tea Brews