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Since You're Here To Learn The Truth, Here Goes: We Didn't Choose The Mug Life. The Mug Life Chose Us. Let Us Steep You In Our Story.

Welcome Home. We've Been Expecting You.

Welcome To Campbell & Carr, where we provide potions, victuals, and sundries for a happy life! All of our teas have a lineage; in fact, lineage is what we are all about. Sharing origin as a way of creating community is exactly what owner, Shelby Banks had in mind, right down to the name of the company. "Campbell & Carr are family names. I thought it fitting to have a name that is synonymous to my family's ways of preparing meals and healing themselves through natural herbal remedies" she offers.  

For years, Shelby has been making her own herbal remedies to take with her as she travels and to maintain her health while away from home. One recent visit with a family member revealed an incredible discovery. "I could not contain my excitement when I learned that my mother prepared her own herbal brews for our family; but even more surprising is that she prepared them the way I do now" she says.

It is Shelby's hope that the names of the teas will pique your interest to learn more about the people, memories and fun behind them. And, in the process, Campbell & Carr also hopes to inspire your life with a little "happy". From home decor and accessories, curated recommendations of other small businesses, and the perfect food related compliments to your tea, Campbell & Carr ​offers a relaxing and thoughtful way to enjoy a cup of tea.

Stay tuned...the best is yet to come. Please check back as new teas, content and items are updated. And, get ready for the genealogy workshops and research help. If you've ever wanted to know how to trace your family's lineage to uncover your own story, then you've come to the right place! Until you've found yours, we have a variety of them to loan you in our teas...just pick your potion.

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