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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A Queen Should Have A Beverage That Honors Her Royalty Right?

Happy 2021 Queens!! Wow, we made it! And, our crowns remain intact.

This tea was an easy one to create and honestly one of the first. It was meant to pay tribute to all of my girls...all around the world. If you are like most, you have that one sister friend who you would consider to be a queen. Baby, she is fierce, confident, compassionate, loving, fun...she is never going to let you give up and will call you out if you call yourself a failure. She is that person who will hold your vision like a precious diamond and will keep affirming, "Sis, You Can Do It." And, when your crown is starting to fall off of your head, she will lean in and straighten it for you. If you're like me, you can name several sisters who do this for you... which is exactly what we planned to do when we created this tea: call each of these women we know by name and encourage each of you to shout out your own sister friends.... that is until one of mine sent me something.

First, Meet My Sister Friend, Candace

"Sri Jiva Badu" is my amazing sister friend from Charlotte, NC who is changing the yoga game for Black women. I have known her since about 1995 when she moved to Charlotte from Massachusetts and I moved from Virginia by way of Alabama with a layover in New York (a "tea leaf" for another time). I loved her instantly. She was kind, creative, optimistic, passionate and compelling. She could dance her behind off, sing with such velvety timbre and approach the theater stage with regal presence and so much grace. We used to carpool into Uptown daily to work with children who aspired to be artists. I thought I loved kids fiercely, and then I met her and the amazing artists who joined us. We giggled, strategized and created action plans for the children in the car and by the time we arrived, we were ready to pour everything we had into those kids. I am so happy to report that many of them stay in touch and are working as professional artists. While I would definitely say that those kids benefitted from Candace's love (ok, hopefully my love as well), I am the one who has been blessed to know her. She is authentic, compassionate, supportive, and sincere. She is the essence of QUEEN.

Candace has an incredible journey to share in her own words, including how she came to incorporate yoga as a solution for healing herself and others. You can check her story out here:

So, back to the beginning of this story..

On New Year's Day 2021, I received a text message from Candace that had me literally in tears. Unbeknownst to her, I was at that very moment fine tuning the label for Campbell & Carr's tea, "Where My Queens At? All Hail." Take a look at what she sent:

Oh my... well, there is nothing more to say! You better believe I will send each of these ladies some tea. :) The only thing left is to say thank you to the Queens in my life who, like Candace, deserve to recognized and treasured. Ladies, I love you!

Campbell & Carr salutes women everywhere who never give up, are purposeful and intentional with their words, maintain balanced character and uplift other women. Sister, you are a force to be reckoned with! We bring you our royalTEA, "Where My Queens At? All Hail" with hopes that you will find the royal women in your life to celebrate with. And, you see the rose petals float in your cup, let the love caress your heart and cleanse you of any doubt... we BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU CAN DO IT! ALL HAIL SISTERS!

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