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Who Are We?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Welcome To Campbell and Carr: A Cultural Apothecary!! We bring you potions, victuals, and sundries for a Happy life!! ❤️

Our teas are made in small, handcrafted batches (to guarantee freshness) ranging from bold (Kenyan red) to herbal blends, with so many varieties in between!! We source ingredients from ethically responsible farms and companies and use tea to create community around JOY and bringing wellness to life.

What Makes Us A Cultural Apothecary?

As a "cultural apothecary", we curate stories and positive expressions about the African American and African Diasporic experience…our tea names have meaning. We don’t want you to just have "mint tea"….

What Makes Campbell And Carr Unique?

What makes us unique is our invitation for you to sit and sip for awhile on our website to feel the richness, brilliance, and legacy of ancestral lineage when it has been handed down from generation to generation and is appropriately respected.

Our ancestors were herbalists, foragers and plant specialists who used herbs to survive and thrive during slavery. Despite this horrendous period of history, our communities were fortified and sustained with the efficacy of herbal remedies and an understanding of plant knowledge that was effective.

This brilliant application of plant remedies to treat illness and dis-ease in the body, mind, and spirit can be traced back to the excellence of herbal medicine in Africa which is still practiced today.

Campbell and Carr celebrates being unapologetically black daily and this is the beautiful we offer with every cup. ❤️

Versatility In Our Company

We diversify our offerings through cooking demonstrations, musical gatherings, genealogy workshops and assistance, and interactive tea tastings at our pop-up tea bars.

Campbell and Carr is a promoter of economic growth and development for entrepreneurs who wish to pursue their dreams purposefully. Check in with us regularly to schedule small business appointments and consultations; find instructional assistance and locate resources.

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