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On The Eve Of Inauguration Day 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I wonder what she is doing. Is she at home, steaming whatever she will wear tomorrow? Is the smell of the flat iron in the air as someone presses her beautiful hair...or is she in curlers? Is she sitting quietly with her husband, slightly nervous and slightly excited about tomorrow? Is she secretly roaming some place historic, unbeknownst to all of us, perhaps hidden in plain view? Maybe she is pacing the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It's the place where Marian Anderson, another Black history maker, gave an outdoor concert in 1939 after The Daughters Of The American Revolution had her barred from singing in Washington, D.C.'s Constitution Hall because she was black.

Surely, the history isn't lost on Kamala Harris, the nation's first Black woman to become the Vice President of the United States, and the first woman to occupy the office. She can't possibly not feel the weight of walking into history, especially since just days ago, an insurrection happened at the Capitol building. I know sis has read about the negative 'haters' who have already said many vicious things about her skin color, her image, her ethnicity, her choice of music, her personality, her Chucks... anyone who has a problem with Chuck clearly isn't stable {rolling eyes}...

Yet, despite all of this, tomorrow, she will press on, go forth into her destiny with head held high, shoulders squared, sprinkling Black Girl Magic everywhere those pumps will step. I am walking with her. And, I am proud. Still I wonder: what is her routine to prepare for such an important moment? How is she getting ready? Does she feel the energy of a gazillion women who are sending her love and support, rooting for her, and hoping that she will represent us well?

She is me. I am a Black woman who forges a path with confidence, with pride in my heritage and culture in everything I do. I am a woman of color who has seen a lot of racism in my work as a classically-trained soprano. I have seen it as I have auditioned and been told my 'features' did not fit what the maestro or producers were looking for. I have seen it when I have appeared in places where Black opera singers were unheard of. I have even felt it when I have come in contact with parents at my son's schools, where we both have felt like an "other". Yet, despite all of this, I too have squared my shoulders, put on my ankara fabric and rocked both my stilettos and Chucks trusting that the Universe had a much bigger plan. As I remained still and calm, blessings did manifest. Authentic friendships with people from all over the world did manifest. And I have successfully forged a path as an independent artist who creates music and art on my own terms.

Each time I present my art, I don't feel complete without my ritual. I have a tea that I prepare carefully, taking time to meditate and think about what I'm about to do. I'm conscious of who might be in the audience, and even more intentional about what my art will say. I tend to get dressed early so that I can sit quietly backstage, in the wings somewhere, so that I can listen to the orchestra or band tune their instruments. In these moments, I always tell myself, "You are here purposefully. You are more than enough. You are Black Girl Magic."

I pray that Kamala Harris walks lightly tomorrow. I pray that she is protected and uplifted. I pray that her heart feels light and joyful. Women all over the world salute her and we are proud of her and her journey! I pray that she remains optimistic about this path that will be filled with twists and turns. And I sincerely hope that tomorrow, as many of us magical women celebrate with her, that we throw our shoulders back, look at our accomplishments, and design our own paths in the coming months of 2021. We've got this Ladies!! Let's move forward together, as a community of women who recognize that we make history every day!!

So, as we prepare to launch Campbell & Carr on this Inauguration Day 2021, it is our hope that you will join the community we are creating, and celebrate our success as we celebrate yours. In honor of Kamala Harris, have a look at the teas marked by some pretty incredible history makers and know that you are not alone in blazing your own trail.

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