Why Do We Wait Until Valentine's Day?

Updated: Jun 19

I love LOVE. Everything about this emotion makes me weak at the knees. It doesn't matter if I'm loving my mate, my child, my tea, my song, or my favorite book... experiencing love in its purest form is such a magical state of being. If you have truly experienced the real thing, you know when love shows up in the room. It envelopes the air, kind of makes your head swirl and suddenly, the world around you takes on this vibrancy that heightens your ability to see things clearly...just as things should be.

In the same time one has experienced true love, you also know what the opposite of that feels like. I have had some really low moments with love that felt like nothing could ever bring me out of that low. And the worse moments always seemed to happen on Valentine's Day. “Dear God” I would pray, ”please make me a bird”....hopefully you know the rest.

Why is it that humans condition themselves to bowing down to an expression of love for only one day per year? Now, I'm not knocking those who can rock the super romantic gestures each holiday, but let's have some real talk for a moment. Chances are, there are some romantic aficionados reading this who make loving gestures a daily habit; I see you love warriors!! Then there are others who thrive on being "love poor"; those who find themselves carrying a deficit in their love balance account month after month. And as far as romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day... well, let’s just not go there.

Listen people, showing someone they are special to you need not be a 12 step rehabilitation program you must attend every February 14th. Since the pandemic, as we are forced to stay at home together, we have learned that empty gestures along with empty words, well, that's not going to cut it anymore. We can't ignore people when we are sharing space on a regular basis. The truth definitely gets revealed. Valentine's Day this past year seemed to magnify whether or not we really enjoyed loving the people we say we love. A few of my friends found that close quarters for Valentine's Day renewed love all over again. Others painfully decided to end what should have ended a long time ago for a number of reasons. Whether in love or not, the thing that resonates loud and clear is a need for people to feel validated, appreciated, and cared for at all times. Love is tangible. When it is good and carefully packaged, you can hold on to it like the treasure it is. You can name it, affirm it, feel confident in it.

Look, here's my two cents as the recognizable lovebird romantic on this page. :)) I think that the most beautiful and authentic ways to experience love happen when we keep it simple. Take our teas, for example which are guaranteed to get a charmed response each time you share them.

How could someone not laugh when you say "Listen, Let's Squash Any Beet Between Us" as you pour them a cup of tea they won't resist? And when your honey wakes up beside you to the smell of basil and mint in a beautiful mug, " You can serve it with a cute little note that says "X Marks The Spot On This Heart". Or how about unpacking that fluffy throw and wrap it around the two of you while you sip "Baby We Can Chai Again" and inhale the intoxicating scent of cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla.... look, I'm not apologizing for what happens next. These types of romantic and thoughtful expressions are ones you can share at any time with the one you love; you don’t need a holiday for it.

These types of simplistic, but carefully crafted moments my friend, will encourage more authenticity that is curated by real love.

Want to try some of our teas? Yes, I thought so.

Love All Ways, always.

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