Peppermint Leaves
I've Been Waiting For A Chai Like You

You haven't had "Chai" until you try our Pu'erh blend! Where do we start in describing this deliciousness? First, pu'erh is microbial fermented tea , which happens after tea leaves have been sufficiently dried. If you are familiar with the benefits of fermentation to the body, then you already know that it helps the body to absorb nutrients faster into the blood stream, introduces healthy probiotics, maintains gut health,improves cholesteral, and assists with blood sugar and weight management.  Pu'erh increases elimination, preventing the body from absorbing extra fat into the bloodstream or accumulating fat that can create heart disease and optimizes liver health. 

Our Chai also contains Kenyan black tea, Indian green tea, ginger, turmeric, bael nuts, cornflowers, vanilla bean, saigon cinnamon, cocoa shells, peppermint, licorice and cacao nibs.


* This is not a tea to drink multiple times throughout the day as it can cause digestive issues, increases urination and speeds up bowel movements. It contains caffeine as well and depending upon the strength you brew your tea, can exceed the recommended daily allowance when brewed multiple times. This tea is not meant to substitute the advice of a medical professional or a medical treatment plan. responsible, seek guidance of a physician and discontinue use should you experience and dis-ease.

I've Been Waiting For A Chai Like You