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The Road To Osogbo Is Paved With Bissy

"Bissy" is a well loved tea in Jamaica and parts of the Carribean. We are sure this is why it sold out so quickly if one happens to drink bissy tea on a regular.

Here is some 'tea' for you: It is actually kola nut which hails from Africa. Africans use Kola Nut in ceremony, as a way to welcome someone into your space and other aspects of daily life. We hate when it is reduced to simply "the reason why Cola got its name" especially when it is no longer used in this soft drink anymore. Do your research people. We hate it when we see people on the internet disrespecting this important, sacred tree by ripping it off the branches, biting into and then making ridiculous faces as they describe how 'bitter' the nut tastes. Did you know that the more bitter an herb, root, bark or leaf often is to your palette, the more detoxifying you might need internally?


Our blend features kola nut flavored with cardamom, hibiscus, ginger, currants, Saigon Cinnamon,  cloves, fennel, star anise, ramon nut and mint. Kola nut is high in antioxidants, is a blood purifier and detoxifies the body; red rooibos and rosehips make this tea rich in vitamin C and give this tea body. If you want to detoxify, get some energy for your day and enjoy a drink thats great hot or iced, here you go!


Finally, Campbell & Carr is all about changing the conversation with our teas. So here is a disclaimer and a bit of 'tea' to anyone who happened upon this tea from the internet with unfavorable intentions: please stop exploiting "all things Africa" to make money producing video content, to sell newspapers or books. There is nothing 'exotic' about Africa and its people are brilliant, intelligent, wonderful and quite simply...DOPE!!...whether on this side of the water as descendants of those enslaved, or as citizens in our beautiful Mother: AFRICA.


May we all learn the truth and sow it into the world with beautiful intentions. Ase' Ooo!!

The Road To Osogbo Is Paved With Bissy